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Surfer, Sky diver, Yoga teacher, Certified Health coach, and self-proclaimed health nut!


My name is Quinn, and my belief is that life is about pushing the limits. I'm on a mission to explore the world, as well as the mind and body I've been given while here on Earth.

My Journey started as so many often due with that of injury. Like most young men, I used to believe that my body was unbreakable. An ACL tear quickly put an end to such illusions. For 6 months, I could barely walk. Any athletic movement was out of the question. The emotional pain of that injury left me with a ferocious desire to learn anything and everything I could about maintaining this body. 

My journey has taken me to many places around the globe, and from each place, I've learned something new about this life and body: Meditation from a monk in Thailand, Surfing along the coast of California, Capoeira from a mestre in Bahia, Kenpō Karate in the back of a Japanese restaurant in Bahrain, and Breathing practices from a wandering mystic in South Africa.

My website is a reflection of my life, the things I've learned along the path, and my tireless labor to bring the wealth of that knowledge to you.

Book a yoga class with me where you'll explore the body, breath and mind; or take a look at the PraVida market where you'll find products you can trust in your pursuit of a healthier life.

Boa Vida!

Yogi Quinn Yoga Studio
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Yogi Quinn Yoga Studio
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Yogi Quinn Yoga Studio

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